“Mother day”

God, please send my greeting and love to my mom
God, is she fine now?
God, I miss her so much
to day is mother day
Friends of mine celebrate and share their mommies’ pictures
God, to day I just can send my pray for my late Mom
God, to day I realize that my mom is one of successful mom in the world
Her three children have achieved very good success in life
My lil sister and brother have beautiful daughters and lovely spouses
They also have very good and bright job and honor in society
And me…
I’m happy with my life, good job as lecturer
Honor in society
Higher education abroad in UK
And I hope, I’ll have a lovely husband soon
Cute and diligent children as well
God, I’m sure
My mom is smiling now
She’s very happy because she achieved very good mark as mother 🙂
She deserve distinction
She’s good, brilliant, lovely, strong and respectful
All friends, families and society love her so much
She’s always remembered by us
God, thank you

Grayson Heights room 40.2 Leeds
at 20.11 GMT  


About Issa Dyah Utami

mensyukuri hidup sebagai karunia Tuhan untuk menjalankan secuil peran bagi kebaikan bersama
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